A Secure Place to Create Courses

A Bespoke eLearning Authoring Tool

The Client

Pennant International Group plc is a global company who offer a range of training solutions across a variety of markets including high security industries.

Pennant have expertise in computer based training, e-learning, virtual reality, emulation, simulation… and many more.

The Brief

Pennant needed a secure place to create and collaborate on their CBT (computer based training) courses. Having looked at the authoring tools currently on the market, Pennant knew they needed a more sophisticated offering.

As well as being secure, the authoring tool needed to be fast, efficient and allow stakeholders to collaborate on and approve course content.

The Challenges

This most challenging aspect of this project was ensuring the security of the authoring tool and the how it integrated with the LMS within a closed infrastructure.

Another challenge we faced was ensuring a range of clients and staff were able to use the tool effectively across different browsers and PCs.

Our Solution



Knowing that Pennant were not satisfied with the off-the-shelf authoring tools available on the market, we set to work creating a unique solution which would do everything Pennant needed. The authoring tool the team created enabled various teams at Pennant to work seamlessly on courses together with their clients.

Since the authoring tool was to become a key part of Pennant’s portfolio, there was no room for error with the professionalism or usability of the tool.

The authoring is quick and easy to use, and allows content writers to pull resources from various sources to create enhanced learning experiences. The tool also allows editors to create personalised learning journeys so that end user can move through the course at their own pace, asking for more support where needed.

NB: Because of the need for security around this project we can’t show you any screenshots, but if you have any questions we will be happy to try and answer them for you.


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