Our Agile Approach

It's not just what we build, but how we build it.

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The Beginning



The Idea

You have a bright idea and need help bringing it to life. We are here to help with every step of the way.

Let’s Meet

We start with a meeting, where we can learn more about you and truly understand what you need. We’ll define your requirements, establishing what exactly your website or software needs to do at the end of the project and understand just how much this will impact your business as a whole.

Agree Approach

We work together to agree on an approach and timeline for your project and discuss how we’ll go forward.





Beginning the Blue-prints

Depending on your needs, you can have as much or as little involvement in the planning as you like. You might already know the approach you want to take in detail, or you might just have an idea which you would like us to analyse and plan for you.

We work using agile methods so that means we plan thoroughly and are always ready to adapt if you need us to.

User Experience

As part of our planning process we will define your UX and design requirements to make sure your user journey is the best it can be.

Features and Stories

We begin breaking down your project into smaller sections and deciding which features need to be built first.

Then we break down the features into smaller tasks called ‘stories’. Stories are a technical name for tasks, because of how they are written: E.g. “As a user I would like to be able to view my completed courses, so I can track my progress.”


Here we give each story a numerical value, depending on how much work is involved, then decide which stories need to go into each sprint.




It’s time to get our hands dirty with the build! It is over to the development team to work their magic.

Start Sprinting

Typical sprints are 2-3 weeks, each sprint will include a selection of features which will be worked on. After a developer is given a task, they will first create a local copy of the existing master code so there is no chance of the original code being permanently changed at this stage. The developer also creates another working copy to begin amending, just in case they need to look at the original version or revert back to it at any stage.

Our developer is now ready to begin writing code.


Our design team also works in sprints, alongside our developers, providing material to pass on to the front-end team. Don’t worry, our designers will keep checking back with you during the process to make sure you are happy with the designs before they are built.

Create PR

Once the developer is happy with their work, he/she will line up their work ready to be accepted onto the new server, and raise a ‘Pull Request’. This is a request to the lead developer to check their work and accept it if there are no errors…

…which takes us into our ‘Testing’ phase…




Now we’ve built it, we’ve got to try and break it. We only write the best code here at BuildEmpire, and thoroughly test to make sure of that.

Code Review & Test Run

Before any code can be pulled, other team members check the code in case any errors have been made. At the same time, automatic bot testing will be happening in case of human error.

If the rest of the team gives it thumbs up… and the automatic software can’t find any faults…

Quality Assurance

Now a specialist Test Analyst looks at the work which has been done and will try to find faults with it from the user’s perspective.

If the test analysts give it thumbs up…


Your turn to test it. When our test analysts give us the thumbs up we update your staging site where we encourage you to try and break it to your heart’s content.

If errors are found at any stage, we just loop back to development for the fixes and then start the testing process from the beginning again.




If we get the thumbs up from you… it is time to go live!

Deploy to Live Site

The work gets deployed to the live site and you are good to go!


At BuildEmpire we are always looking for ways to improve and hone our development process. At this point we will get together and take stock of how the sprint went. Is there room for improvement next time?


A retrospective is the chance to reflect on how the sprint went. Did the project run as planned? Was the storypointing accurate? How can we work more effectively next time? Did we have any unexpected issues?


What’s Next?


Is your project finished?

Not yet, still more to go…

Time for the next sprint. Now we go back to the planning stage to decide what should be in the next sprint and the cycle begins again. Working in the Agile way, you will see your project progressing at the end of each sprint. Bugs and issues are picked up individually as we go, there is time for fine-tuning the way we are working together at the end of each sprint.

Yes – Finished everything!

If the project is now completed, don’t worry we won’t disappear. We will stick around for as long as you like maintaining, checking, tinkering with bits you decide you would like to change as your business grows. We hope you won’t have any teething problems with your new solution, but we are here for you if you do. Together we can decide what sort of on-going support package you would like. We are your partner, sitting quietly in the background of your business making the technical wheels turn.

  JUMP TO:     The Beginning    |    Planning    |    Development    |    Testing    |    Deployment    |    What’s Next?


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